Teacher’s Training At B.Ed. Colleges

Teacher’s Training At B.Ed. Colleges


A B.Ed course can help teach aspirants to move a step ahead toward their goals. Post completion of their B.Ed, people can start taking up teaching jobs or they can go for an M.Ed course, that is, a master's in education.

Before becoming a teacher you have to become trained to be a teacher and this is what the B.Ed colleges in West Bengal provide. This is a two-year complete course curriculum that comprises a total of four semesters as per the new CBCS system and focuses on the complete growth and development of the individual into a teacher.

A B.Ed course has certainly a lot to offer you. You will find yourself transforming into an entirely new individual as the course progresses. Teaching is the dream profession for many and post-completion of B.Ed, they can proceed to do an M.Ed or apply for jobs in both private and government schools.

A lot of theory is taught at the initial level to make your base strong about Indian society and culture. You understand the way our society works and the crucial role that education plays in empowering the children of each generation.

The final stages of your B.Ed course will involve rigorous practical training. This includes having regular school visits and conducting classes on a practical level. B.Ed is a course that ensures that the innate teacher within you develops into a full-fledged practical one on paper.

A successful teaching career comprises an amalgamation of several factors. To be a reputed teacher is a matter of great prestige for one and all, be it at the primary or secondary school level, or even colleges and universities.


An ideal teacher is considered to be someone who is patient with his/her students and makes them learn the gist of the subject being taught with great ease and efficiency. He/she is comfortable being a co-learner along with the students too and can crack a joke once in a while. A smile can light up the gloomiest of rooms and a teacher is often considered to play the role of a second parent in their student’s life.


You can take B.Ed admission in West Bengal at the topmost reputed college. Your last qualification marks will be considered. You shall also be called for counseling before taking admission into the B.Ed course.


You can opt for the course either in physical mode or in distance mode, as suitable for you. Both options are made available for students. Therefore, regardless of the geographical barriers, learning never stops for budding teachers.

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