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D.El.Ed Career Scope, Course Details and Admission


Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) is a specialized program designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge required for teaching at the elementary level. This twoyear diploma course focuses on developing teaching methodologies, classroom management and a deep understanding of child psychology.


Below are some D.El.Ed career scope options that you can aim for after completion:

Primary School Teacher:

D.El.Ed graduates are well-prepared to take on the role of primary school teachers. With a strong foundation in pedagogy and subjectspecific teaching methods, they become instrumental in shaping the educational journey of young minds.


Educational Consultant:

Graduates can opt for a career as educational consultants providing expertise to schools and educational institutions on curriculum development, teacher training and educational policies. Curriculum Developer: D.El.Ed opens doors to becoming a curriculum developer contributing to the creation of effective teaching materials, lesson plans and assessments that align with educational standards.


Special Educator:

Individuals with D.El.Ed qualifications can specialize in special education catering to the diverse needs of students with disabilities. This role involves creating inclusive learning environments and implementing personalized teaching strategies.


Educational Researcher:

D.El.Ed graduates can pursue research opportunities in the field of education contributing to the development of innovative teaching methods, educational policies and pedagogical theories.


Content Developer:

With a strong background in pedagogy graduates can venture into content development for educational materials, textbooks and elearning platforms. School Administrator: Graduates can take up administrative roles in schools, managing day-to-day operations, implementing policies and ensuring a conducive learning environment.


Teacher Trainer:

D.El.Ed graduates can become teacher trainers imparting their knowledge and expertise to aspiring educators through workshops and training programs.


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D.El.Ed Course Details



  • Foundation Course: Child Development, Education and Society, Educational Technology.
  • Pedagogical Courses: Language Education (Hindi/Punjabi/Urdu), Language Education (English), Mathematics Education, Environmental Studies Education.
  • Practical Courses: Health and Physical Education, Work Education, Art Education, School Experience Programme (SEP).



  • Foundation Courses: Psychological Perspectives of Education, Socio-Philosophical Perspectives of Education, Curriculum Pedagogy and Evaluation, School Leadership and Management.
  • Pedagogy Courses (any three: one language is compulsory): Language Education (Hindi/Punjabi/Urdu), Language Education (English), Mathematics Education, Social Studies Education, Science Education.
  • Practical Courses: Health and Physical Education, Work Education, Arts in Education, School Experience Programme (SEP).



Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) offers a transformative journey for aspiring educators. As we embrace the evolving landscape of education, admissions for the 2024 sessions are now open. Seize the opportunity to shape young minds and contribute to the future of education. To embark on this rewarding path, call or visit https://www.gurukulslg.com/admission-bed-med-deled at www.gurukulslg.com. Your journey towards educational excellence begins at Gurukul Siliguri.


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